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July 18, 2017 (Last Updated: ) | Reading Time: 5 minutes

Apple was founded in 1976. It is an American multinational company based in Cupertino, California.

Here is the port forwarding guide for the Apple routers. Apple routers have a very similar interface so this one guide covers the Apple Airport Express, Apple Airport Extreme, and the Apple Airport Time Capsule.

Apple routers work a little different than other routers on the market today. Apple uses a different user interface than other routers, which can cause a lot of confusion. Besides this different user interface setting up a port forward on an Apple router is really no different than most other routers on the market today.

Your Apple router uses a firewall to help protect your home network from unwanted Internet access. The firewall works by blocking all incoming and outgoing connections that are not authorized by your router. In order to authorize these connections in order to play an online game or application you need to create what is frequently called a port forward. A port forward sends the named port or ports through the firewall to a specific device on your local network.

A port forward on an Apple router may seem difficult, but we will walk you through each of the steps involved. We will show you how to:


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Step 1

It is important to know that opening a port (port forwarding) does not open the port for your entire network, just one device. So that device needs a static IP address, an address that does not change every time you shut it off. This ensures the port remains open even after your device reboots.

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Or you can follow our Static IP Address guide to setup a static IP address.

I highly recommend writing this static IP address down. You will need it again in Step 4.

Step 2

In order to login to an Apple router you need to have downloaded the Apple Airport Utility. When downloading the utility make sure you know there is a different utility for a MAC vs. Windows. (You can find this at the Apple store online)

For the purpose of this guide you should already have the Apple utility downloaded and the router should already be configured. This step shows you how to login to the user interface.

Login With a MAC

First, you need to find the Apple utility. To do this use the search. This should be in the upper right corner of the screen. Type Applications in the search box and press the Enter key. You should be shown a page similar to this:


Now, click the Utility option.


Find the Apple router utility in the center section of this page and click on it.


At this point, depending what Apple router you are using and how many you have, you may be shown a list of different base stations. Make sure to choose the one you want to make the port forward on.

Login With Windows

To find the Apple utility you need to open up the Start menu.

Next, simply type Airport in the search box.

At this point Airport Utility should appear as one of the results. Click this option.


There may be a list of different base stations to choose from, pick the one that you want to make a port forward on.

Step 3

To find the Port Forward section of the Apple router is the same across all the different Apple routers. For this guide we will be using Airport Extreme screenshots.

We begin on the first page of the Apple router, the Airport Summary page:

airport summary
airport summary

On this page click the option Advanced at the top of the page.

Then underneath that choose Port Mapping.

port mapping
port mapping

On this new page, to add a new port forward click the little + or Add button.


Congratulations, you have found the correct page to make a port forward for your Apple router.

Step 4

In this step we want to show you exactly how to configure your Apple router. In order to do this we need additional information from you:

(Remember the Static IP address you created in Step 1? Enter that in the IP address box above.)

This next section is our router simulator. It shows you exactly what information to enter in your router based on the choices you made above. Currently we are showing ports for XBox Live. If this is correct, just enter the information you see below into your router.

Test if Your Ports are Open

Now that you have forwarded ports on the Netgear FVS318 you should test to see if your ports are forwarded correctly.

To test if your port has been properly forwarded, you can use our Network Utilities tool, which includes a free Open Port Checker. Our Open Port Check tool is the only online port checking tool with Guaranteed Results.

More Information

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Check out setuprouter.com for more router specific guides. Simply find your router and model number and look at the guides we have written specifically for that router.

Your currently selected ports are for: Xbox Live.
  • If this is correct, select your router below
  • If you want to select a different application, please see our List of Ports.

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