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How to Port Forward in Your Router for Chrono Odyssey

Chrono Odyssey is a MMO and Role-Playing game published by NPIXEL released in 2022.


Chrono Odyssey offers the following genres of gameplay.

  • An MMO game is a Massively Multiplayer Online game where 1000's of players play in the same game world at the same time. They are frequently fantasy based like World of Warcraft, but they can also be sci-fi like Star Citizen. MMO's have a strong focus on character development and loot collection.
  • In a role playing game, or RPG, the player takes on the role of the main character and helps the story line to unfold. It usually involves a very long play time, inventory management, and a deep leveling system. RPG's are usually the longest style of game. Skyrim and Fallout are amongst the most popular RPG style games.

How to Port Forward Chrono Odyssey

Chrono Odyssey is a multiplayer game which means that it will probably need open ports. It's pretty common to have strange connection issues get fixed when you forward a port for a multiplayer game. We are still searching for the incoming ports that need to be forwarded for Chrono Odyssey. If you want to forward ports for Chrono Odyssey then we're going to have to figure out which ports it uses. We can do this together.

  1. Download our free software called Network Utilities and install it.
  2. After installing it launch Network Utilities and click Port Finder.
  3. The Port Finder will help you find the game that you are interested in playing. Follow its instructions closely.
  4. Once the Port Finder has found your game ports they will be added to our site quickly.

Ports To Forward for Chrono Odyssey

Usually a game will only open up the port in "listen mode" when it's needed. This means you'll have to put your game into some sort of multiplayer mode in order for us to detect the incoming connection ports properly. We'll watch the game running and look for which ports it opens up to see which ports might need to be forwarded.

The vast majority of games will open the same port in "listen mode" every time, as opposed to a random numbered port. Once we know which ports the game listens on then we know exactly which ports to forward in your router.

Occasionally a game will require a very large number of ports to be forwarded because it opens up a random port within a range. Over time we should be able to figure out that range because we'll notice that all users need a port open in the same range.

How Port Finder Works

Here's a quick summary of what the Port Finder application will do:

  • Examine the specific ports that Chrono Odyssey has open. These are the specific ports for Chrono Odyssey.
  • Watch which ports open and close as you run the game and try to join a multiplayer match.
  • Package up the incoming ports that need to be forwarded in a neat little package and send it to our server for sharing.

Our servers will collect all of the required incoming ports used by multiple users and intelligently combine them into a single list of ports required. Then we will use this list to help other people know what to forward.

We will list any new ports found for Chrono Odyssey on this page as soon as we know them.

Jason Bauer

Jason Bauer

Jason Bauer is an owner and programmer for PortForward. You can find more of his articles in the Games and Applications section of our site.