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Another World Walkthrough Baths

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Defeat two sets of two guards, then continue right.

Buddy busts through this window. Follow him right.

The ledge is shot out from under you, but a hand pulls you back up to safety.

Notice the orange eyes -- this isn't Buddy. The guard kicks you into the next frame.

Buddy appears (that's him with the gray eyes) and battles the guard. Crawl to the levers on the right. (Just use the right arrow -- don't hold the control key.)

The guard approaches after tossing Buddy aside. Pull the lever to zap him when he's in the center of the room - not before.

Pull the next lever to open the sky light, then immediately crawl left to the lit area before you are zapped by laser fire.

You are transported to the roof, where a winged creature is waiting. Buddy soon follows.

And that is the end. Hope you enjoyed this little game! And I hope this walkthrogh helped you! Game on!