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Assassins Creed III Walkthrough Sequence 5 - The Hard Way

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The next mission begins at the docks. Begin by speaking to the man in front of the ship. He will be teach you how to navigate the ship.

You will be taught about what all the different buttons do.

Your target is the vineyard. It is marked on the map with a green dot. Sail toward it whilst avoiding hitting any of the rocks. That way you will complete full synchronisation.

Once you're close enough to the docks press the interact button to slow down, and then again to release the anchor and come to a complete stop.

After a cutscene you will set sail again. This time equipped with Canons. There are two types of cannon the heavy fire, and the swivvel gun.

Use the cannons to destroy the ship wreck to the right of the boat, and then again to destroy the ship wreck to the left.

"Once you've done that sail onwards, you will end up getting attacked by a group of ships.

To destroy the last ship shoot it twice with the cannon and then aim the swivvel gun at the white circle. Only shoot it when the cirlce turns red. After that the mission will end.