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Assassins Creed III Walkthrough Sequence 5 - The first Power Scource.

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After a rather lenghty cut scene you will take control of Desmond. Climb the ladder in front of you then follow the pipes until you reach the platform with the florescent light.

Once you're there jump left to the ventalation shaft and run onwards whilst jumping between the scaffolding.

Eventually you will reach and empty warehouse. All you need to do is slide under a half open gate.

When outside, jump to the right and climb up onto the crane.

You will reach a path consisting of scaffolding simply continue forward.

After reaching a bigger platform climb up the wires to the floor above.

On the right you will see a big wheel, simply run towards it and you will slide under it with ease.

To continue going higher climb the fallen fence. Then continue heading right.

Jump between the scaffolding to go around the building to the right.

You will reach another crane that you will need to climb.

You will then jump and parachute off of the crane. The mission will come to an end.