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Assassins Creed III Walkthrough Sequence 6 - Hard Negotiations

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You will be given the mission by Achillies. After he's spoken to you head to the frontier to meet a member of your tribe.

Your mission is to reach the natives at the top of the rock. To recieve full synchronisation you must do so without being detected.

Jump into the shore of the river and head as far right as possible. Make sure you look out for guards patrolling the area.

Further to the right there will be a gap inbetween two rocks.

At it's end walk along the fallen tree trunk to the small ledge.

from there climb up higher to get to the second tree.

"Cross the second tree until you see a crack in the rocks.

"Two gaurds will be waiting atop the rock.

Once you reach the big manor a cutscene will begin.

You will need to kill Johnson, use the trees to get to the roof to kill him from above.

Perform this task as fast as possible so that you can avoid any native casualties.

"Once Johnson is dead run toward the edge of the red marker, to the left you will see a rock.

Once you've left the red zone you will have completed the mission.