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Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Walkthrough Chapter 8 - Sangre de Toro

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You could run him over, or hit him with a grenade, or stop near him and shoot him...or maybe let him live, but why should you

You don't need to follow this order, but lets go to the castle first

Mind the enemies above you

You should find cover, but not any kind of cover, cover that is going to take a lot of bullets and grenades, this area will be full of enemies so you know, lock and load

Clear the area and get to the computers

Now we go to the mountain fortress

Follow the paths and look for enemies on the rocks

You could look around and take one of the RPG's

Or be a smartass and destroy it like this

Get to the computers...

And get to the last location

You should stop before the road block or this might happen

Lots and lots of could beat them in their own game or you know...RPG

Follow the road and the speed limit, its gonna be hard to get up if you fall off the road too far

That was the second last

Now back down the hill for the last one

There we go

And to actually find the ship

Shoot the explosive barrels to drop the container

Just avoid everyone and cram yourself in there

Go around the ship untill you get to the marker