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Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Walkthrough Chapter 10 - Zero Dark Thirty

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Follow your squad through the jungle

Get in cover and destroy the MG then take out the others one by one

Then go through the town, oh yeah, and shoot those red barrels, it will make your life a lot easier

Go down the stairs and get bombarded by mortars (yeay)

Wait for the rest of the squad then run to the next cover

And after that in to the...uhm...not tunnel...dammnit I shouldn't write this in 4 in the morning...the drain pipes? Seweg pipes? I don't know what, just jump in there to get away from the mortars

If you pick that sniper riffle you will make your life a bit easier

Clear the building in front of russians and move on

This is where it gets tricky, stay in cover on the sides, get the RPG on the left, destroy the truck, then the one behind that one, then kill all the other russians...this might actually not be as hard as I thought, but I did do this about 2 hours after my birthday party and I was slitely tipsy and tired

Go in to the sewers (yes I'm sure this are sewers)

After you jump down...

Start running back