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Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Walkthrough Chapter 12 - Airborne

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Run up to the first one and stab him

Then move back while you reload and shoot the next one, don't try to stab him you can't

Get ammo and continue killing russians

From this point on, you can just run as fast as you can while shooting your fully automatic shotgun

After that shoot the spinning ball to destroy it

Preaty colors

Now, this is what they call banzai parachuting (you throw your parachute out then you throw yourself after it), shoot (if I said russian again, this guide would have been banned in russia for showing them as bad people, as if they cared, looking at you china), Kirilenko and get your parachute (note: actual banzai parachuting does not involve shooting peolpe in at least 87% cases)

You get your parachute, land, you are happy, Sarge talks about retirment, but wait, it isn't over yet, more russians...but not in this game