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Bioshock: Infinite Walkthrough Chapter 20: GUNSMITH'S SHOP

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We are at the shop of gunsmith.

Keep moving through the stairs.

Get going the shown to you by Navigation.

Here is gunsmith.Go to speak to him.

Talk to him by pressing F.

Now move down the stairs.

Talk to Mrs Lin.

Elizabeth speaks to her.

Now you need to get shantytowns impound.

Keep going to reach the impound.

Get to the door to leace the shop and go to impound.

Leave Gunsmith shop by pressing F.

The Plaza of zeal.

Get to the door at the end of the room.

Here we are.Get down the stairs.

Now get going to get to the impound.

Look around for enemies.

Kill the crowmen.

Shoot the remaining men too.

Later get going by searching the corpses.

Keep moving this way to the stairs.

Open the door and get inside.

Get to the end of tthe way.

You can use vending machine.

Buy items required from the machine.

Get to the door later.

Keep moving this way shown by navigation.

Shoot all the men trying to shoot you.

Look out at sides for enemies.

Also on the top for enemies.

Keep moving by killing all the enemies.

Proceed forward after killing all of them.

Go this way to get to the impound.

Reach the stairs at the end of the way.

Go this way to get to the impound.

Reach the stairs at the end of room.

Keep moving upside the stairs.

Enter the lift.

Press the button by pressing F.