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Bioshock: Infinite Walkthrough Chapter 21: SHANTYTOWN

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Conversation are carried between you and elizabeth.

Now keep going this way to get to the impound.

Proceed this way shown by navigation.

Keep moving to get to the impound.

Go this way to reach the impound.

Move down the road to the end.

Here we are at the place.

Get to the stairs at the end of the way.

Here we go.Reach the door on the other side.

Keep moving now to get to the destination.

Kill all the men present there inorder to find the impound.

Kill all of them using the ammo you got.

Shoot the guns shooting at you.

Shoot continuously to destroy them

Take cover.Shoot at it.

You can use skyline by pressing F.

Kill all the men too.

Get to the stairs at the end of the way.

Press V to kill the men.

Search the corpses later for items of use.

Press SPACE to get attached to it.

Shoot the other men.

Kill the machine too.

Now keep moving the way shown by navigation.

Now you need to search for lin tools.

Kill the portrait shooting at you.

Get to the door at the end of the way.

Press ENTER to Leave area.

Press F to leave shanty town.