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Bioshock: Infinite Walkthrough Chapter 24: FINKTON PROPER

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Now we are on the other side.

Go this way shown by navigation N.

Kill the men present there.

Get cover by pressing F.

Kill the men on the ship using the ammo you got.

Proceed this way to get to the gunsmiths shop.

Reach the door at the end of the way.

Here we are inside the room.

Get to the door at the end of the way.

You can use vending machine.

Buy required items from the vending machine.

Open the door by pressing F.

Kill all the men present there.

Shoot the machine too using the ammo you got.

Now proceed this way to get gunsmith shop.

We are now going to the shop.

Get to the shop by going this way

Reach the next door inside the room.

Now get to the factory to reclaim the first lady airship.