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Bioshock: Infinite Walkthrough Chapter 32: COMSTOCK HOUSE

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We need to get comstock house.

Proceed to the end of the way.

Press F to pull lever present at the end of the way.

There is the bird.

You wake up here somehow.

Listen to the converstaions of both of them.

Press F to open the door in the room.

Elizabeth saves you from the bird.

Here is bird.It takes elizabeth with you.

Now keep going the wayshown by navigation to get to comstock house.

Press SPACE to get attached to the hook.

Get attached to the next one present on the other side.

Get down here by pressing F.

Now keep moving to find the house.

Proceed this way to the end.

You cannot see but keep walking till you find way.

Here we are.We can see the way now.

Reach the stairs at the end of the way.

Get to the door at the top of the stairs.

Move inside the room.Get to the next door.

Now search for elizabeth inside the room.

Here we are at the door.Get inside the door.

Keep moving this way to the end.

Reach the stairs at the end of the way.

Proceed this way through the alley.

Now go this side in search of elizabeth.

Reach the door at the end of the room.

Kill the enemy present inside the room.

Press V to kill multiple man.

Look out around you for enemies.

Later proceed this way to the gate.

Press F to use intercon.