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BloodRayne Walkthrough Act 3 - Germany: Unholy Mecha

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Rayne will get into a nazi superpanzer mech.

You will have to fight other mechs to proceed.

Get down the corridor to meet 3 mechs.

Attack them while they are distracted. Keep your distance so you can dodge their rockets in time. Shoot them with everything you have and don't allow them to crowd you.

Once the 3 mechs are down your target will arrive behind you. He has more health but doesn't have any other special abilities.

Once you destroy his mech walk towards the end of the cathedral to exit your mech.

Some jetpackers will attack.

Once you deal with the jetpack troops go up the stairs on the left.

Jump across the chasm.

Look up and jump on the debris.

Jump over the elevator platform to proceed.

Continue up the stairs.

Some nazis and vampires are making a mess.

Continue towards the debris at the end of the tunnel to go to the next map.