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BloodRayne Walkthrough Act 3 - Germany: Old Gaustadt

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Three targets are in this area. Go to your left.

Pass the archway.

A cutscene will play. One of your targets is kidnapped by an ancient vampire.

Proceed through the stable and go up the stairs.

When you go up the stairs go to your right.

Approach the wall with locked door that is next to a destroyed part of the floor.

Jump on top of the door frame to gain height.

Then jump to your left to enter the castle.

Go down the stairs.

Some vampires will be fighting nazis here. Go through the door on the right.

After a few corridors go up the stairs.

Enter the large doors on the left.

Proceed to the end of the hall and destroy the crates to make a way into the next corridor.

You will find your next target fighting some vampires.

Afterwards go up the stairs to exit this part of the castle.

Approach the fallen rocks next to the castle wall.

Jump up here.

Jump on the balcony.

Some nazis and vampires are in the belltower. Shoot the giant bell to bring it down.

Jump on the lower level to proceed inside. Be careful not to fall to the lowest level because you will have to walk around the entire map to get here again.

Enter through the destroyed wall.

Use your spinkick on this wall a few times until you make an entrance.

Proceed down the corridor.

You will find your next target hiding in a room.

Afterwards a door to the next map will open. Some nazi backup will arrive from there.

Exit this part of the castle.

To get back to the upper part of the castle jump on top of some wooden framework.

Proceed to the right and up the stairs.

Enter the large door to get to the next map.