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Borderlands 1st release Walkthrough Arid Badlands: Sledge: Battle For The Badlands

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Mission overview.

Before keep going, replenish your ammo and other items first. If you think you can't beat the boss, train for few levels more.

Make way to the waypoint.

Are you ready? Then let's rock.

Tips, bring one of your favourite weapon for killing normal enemies and a powerful sniper for the boss. And dont forget to max your ammo. Buy SDU if can.

Both lead to the same boss room. Be prepared! You cant go back unless dead.

Firstly, don't aim for the boss. Kill normal enemies first.

When you alone with the boss. Now go here and take cover.

Shoot few times and take cover around that place. Aim for the critical spot, his head.

As you can see, his attack won't hurt you when you take cover behind this place.

Repeat until he die.

It's all about timing. To be safe, shoot 1 or 2 and go take cover quickly. Then, after the boss smash the wall (if you near him), get out from the cover and shoot again. Repeat so that the boss doesn't move and chase you.

The Eridian artifact can be found inside this container. Take it and turn in this mission.

Exit through this door which will open after you kill the boss.