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Borderlands 1st release Walkthrough New Haven: Another Piece Of The Puzzle

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Mission overview.

All you need is ammo. And a little bit of shooting skill. Proceed if you have that. :D

Although the Rakk Hive is huge. Don't worry. Just stay here.

Before start messing with the Hive, clear the flyling Rakks first.

Then, take cover at any rock that have a nice view to it and aim the big guy at its eye. Make sure to hit as much accurate you can to get critical damage.

When the flying Rakk appear again, then kill it. After that continue poke the monster eyes with some bullets.

Pop its eyes until no more.

Only at the eyes do critical damage. It'll take some time to kill it without eyes. Do what you wants as long keep shooting.

Go through here to get the vault key. Shoot at the goo wall.

This is it. Take it and turn in this mission to complete.