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Borderlands 2 Headhunter DLC 3: Mercenary Day Walkthrough Get Frosty

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Follow marcus to the door.

Then go to Gingerton

To the left is were you must go.

Run up the hills and fight the Yetis.

At the gate there will be a badass fight him off.

Then go into the town.

Then to the left is a hill and run up.

Fight off the Yetis.

Then continue to the building with the crane.

Go check if the furnace has coal.

Fight the snowmen off.

And the second wave of snowmen.

Then follow the tracks to the bridge.

Jump off next to the bridge.

Then go up the hills infront.

The train is located between the houses up the hills.

First kill the Yeti pulling the train.

Then fight off the bandits.

Then shoot the Ice that has frozen the bridge.

And the set of gears on the other side.

Then go and pull the lever.

Jump on to the Coal Carriage and protect the train.

Defend the train from the enemies.

And the bandits ontop of the hill.

Then jump back on the Train.

Then Activate the coal dump.

Close the furnace and then Ignite it.

then go down and Talk to Timothy.

After Talking to Timothy you go down and find Snowflake.

Ring the bells to Summon Snowflake.

Shoot Snowflake in his head to kill him.

When he is down get his hat off.

Reach the Shipment.

Then talk to Timothy.