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Borderlands 2 Headhunter DLC 4: Wedding Day Massacre Walkthrough A Match Made On Pandora

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Go to Moxxi and talk to her then follow her into the church.

Now follow moxxi out to the gate.

Then go and talk to the couple.

Run under the bridges and to the left is the couple.

After you talked to the couple run over the bridge to the town.

When you reach the town, go up to the van and take the baby.

After you took the baby kill all the Hodunks in the area.

Then run around the town to the Distillery and talk to ED.

When ED breaches the gates then stay near him and figth off the Zafords.

When ED reaches stella, Drink some of the whiskey barrels.

When you found the right one, Pour in the whiskey.

Then head to the garage door and head to the gold pot.

Head through to the left to the golden robot.

Fight the BLNG Loader with criticals and behind covers.

Then after you destroyed the loader go up and throw in the ingredients.

Then go and mix the ingredients.

And then you Distill the Potion.

Now Grab the potion and head on.

Kill the Hodunks at the Garage door.

Then jump over the barrels and go to the Church.

Go and put the Baby down.

Then run into the Garage and jump down the hole.

Pout the love potion into the punch.

Then You have to kill them both fast otherwise the heal each other.

After they are dead head on up the elevator.

Then go talk to Moxxi.