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Brutal Legend Walkthrough Mission 1: Welcome to the Age of Metal

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First, go pick up The Separator (Axe) by running down the stairs and interacting with it to pick it up. Run back up to your spawning location and pick up your guitar, Clementine. The game will teach you a tutorial on how to use it in battle.

"Use the Earth Shaker ability to bring down the rock wall that leads to the next part of this introductory level. Continue to fight enemies until the cut-scene occurs, introducing you to a new

When the gameplay kicks back in, you will be trapped in a force field. Use your Earthshaker ability to free yourself from the shield. After the next short cut-scene, you'll be paired up with Ophelia. With her help, kill off the remaining enemies until the next cut-scene occurs.

Walk up to the Tab Slab to learn how to use the Relic Raiser ability. Once the vehicle has been created, drive through the door and mow down enemies on your way to the next waypoint.

There's nothing overly complicated about defeating this Worm Demon. As long as you're driving in a steady circle around the Demon, you'll avoid the goo. Avoiding the slamming attack will take some coordination.

Use the Deuces boost ability to avoid the slam attacks from the Worm Demon.

"Ram into the Demon's tongues that are stuck in the ground to damage it.

"When the Demon gets in close, use the Earthshaker to bring the gate crashing on top of it's head.

After escaping from the Worm Demon, you'll be doing another driving section to escape from this evil highway. Listen to Ophelia as she recommends what side of the road to be driving on to avoid the crumbling portions of the highway.

Avoid the crumbling highway and the Hate Cages. After escaping the highway the mission will be over.