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Brutal Legend Walkthrough Mission 19: Sea of Black Tears

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"First things first: you gotta beat Ophelia in order to have a shot at Doviculus. As soon as this mission starts up, built a couple groups of headbangers and execute a Rock Block solo. You can also use the Bring It On Home Solo on these occupied geysers to help weaken the giant worm making it easier for your headbangers to destroy it.

Now start to build up a force of Razor Girls and move them over to the entrance path of the bridge: this will be the only direction Ophelia's troops will come, so the better you defend this position, the easier it will be for you to take the fight back to her.

While capturing the geysers, make sure you're upgrading your stage and continuously using the Rock Block Solo to hamper Ophelia's troop building abilities. You're going to have to build a Rock Crusher unit (only available after getting up to Level 3 for your stage) in order to complete this mission.

Once you have built a Rock Crusher, start building more advanced units and move them all to the entrance to the bridge. If you see a bunch of Drowning Doom moving towards your units, remember to use Bring It On Home to weaken them and using buff Solos like Light of Dawn to buff your troops.

Use the double team ability on the Rock Crusher as you take it on the bridge and move it close towards the two towers that flank either side at the end of the bridge. You must take out these towers to lower the defense shield guarding Ophelia's stage.

As you get in close, use Rock Block to reduce enemy reinforcements and Bring It On Home to weaken the stage even more. Set a Recall Flag at this enemy point so that any new units you make will come right up to the enemy stage. With enough powerful units and Solos, you'll make short work of this stage, which will end the mission.