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Brutal Legend Walkthrough Mission 15: A Number of the Beasts

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All you have to do is ride the motorcyle near the Beats, have them chase you back to the holding pen where Lita is, and then continue to ride the cycle around in a circle while holding down the Action button in order to start the trail of flame. Once the Beast has been completely encircled in flame, Lita will jump down and take control of the Beast, guiding it into the holding pen. Do this a few more times and then you will be ambushed by some Amazon Ladies.

The ladies are not too pleased with how you have handled the capture of their Beasts and have decided to set you and your friends on fire. Use the Relic Raiser solo to put out the fire and start a cut-scene.

Now that the Amazon's are convinced that you mean them no harm, they agree to join forces with you, and allow you to have Metal Beasts join your army. The mission is now completed.