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Brutal Legend Walkthrough Mission 11: Sanctuary of Sin

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Now with your army in place and ready to attack, talk to Mangus to get the battle started. Your first task is build some Merch Booths near one of your Fan Geysers (the green ones). If Lionwhyte has already built up Merch Booths on these Fan Geysers, you're going to have to tear them down with the might of your army. Roadies work great at destroying Lionwhyte Merch Booths.

Don't forget that you can always summon the Deuce to help fight some of the stronger enemies. Since by now you would have upgraded the Deuce's firepower (you should at least have machine guns mounted on the front of the vehicle before this mission would have started), you'll be able to help slaughter Lionwhyte's army, leading up to the very peak of his Pleasure Tower.

The last thing you need to take care of are the turrets that are guarding the entrance into the Pleasure Tower. The only way to destroy them is with a group of Roadies. Lionwhyte will personally try and stop you along the way, so you may have to hop off of the Roadie in order to get in a few good hits before he retreats away from battle.

Once the enemy turrets have been destroyed and Lionwhyte has been beaten back, a long cut-scene will play after which you'll be in control of the Deuce, trying to escape from the Pleasure Tower. After this, the mission will be ended.