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Brutal Legend Walkthrough Mission 9: Pilgrimage of Screams

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After you get to this location (as indicated on your map), speak to Ophelia and you will be able to start this mission. As you and your band of Headbangers proceed down to the shore of the Screaming Wall, you will encounter some of Lionwhyte's forces. They'll slow you down, but shouldn't pose much of a threat.

Once you finally reach the shore, Eddie will collect a couple of speakers to give to the Roadies to carry. When in control of a Roadie, you'll have control over their special sonic attack ability -- a great attack to use against structures and the like, as well as enemies.

Continue to head back up the hill you just went down with your army of Roadies, Headbangers, and Razor Girls.

Once you get to the top, enjoy the short cut-scene. It's nice that good guys do get the girl. The mission is now completed.