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Bulletstorm Walkthrough Chapter 11

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Follow the ledge

Down the stairs

Go get Trishka and continue with your amazing journey

Omg a miniboss

Nah, he is kinda clumsy, in to the toxic pool he goes

Stay in this area and clear it, then move on, if you run past you will get pilled on by the enemies

If you just stand behind the pillar he can't hit you and you can kill him easily

After you clear the next area, pull the bus and move on

Remember the eggs you destroyed?

After you clear the area you get to fly in a heli and gun down people

Protect Ishi

Attack the red area on its neck when ever you can

Shoot at the window so you don't brake the heli

Shoot the red area on the neck again


Kill the rest of them to get to the general