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Bulletstorm Walkthrough Chapter 13

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Leash the elevator so you could go down

You will fall down in to the toxic river, make your way through it, would put an image, but the toxic vision had some issues with my grapichs card so its mostly black

Guess what, this game really doesn't want you to use ammo, kick the mutants in the spikes

Just stand in one place and wait for them to come up to you and kick them

See what I see?

BOOM go the barrels

Leash the platform so you could rejoin the general

Best way to kill snipers?

Explosive bullets obviously

After you get the back to the general follow him out

You should take this

Kill the little scorpion/insect things so they don't destroy the elevator, if you didn't take the minigun, fire in short bursts so they don't get away

Run and slide

Down you go and in to the next chapter