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Bulletstorm Walkthrough Chapter 2

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Follow Ishi and kill enemies in your way

Kick the explosives in to them and shoot it

Take note of that object, you will find great happines in finding it, use it to get ammo and check your skillshots

Fight your way through the valley and kick people in to the cacti

Clear the area of enemies

Up the stairs and follow Ishi

Once outside again, follow the path and kill everyone in your way

Once you get to the minigun part, move from cover to cover until you are close enough

Pick up that machine gun and rain hell on the heli's

Wait for Ishi to charge up then continue

Get on the rope and click right and left mouse button to move

Here comes the first mini-boss, shoot him until he drops to the ground, then you can choose which skillshoot you wish to try

Take the minigun and defened yourself and Ishi

Use the minigun to destroy the jeeps

Shoot the explosive barreles and then everyone who is still alive

Shoot at the mines going towards you

And the other one

Shoot the tanks to knock the grindwheel out of its course

Shoot at the enemies on the other train untill you get interupted by a cutscene