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Bulletstorm Walkthrough Chapter 3

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Grab the bars and use left and right click to move to the end

Down we go

Follow Ishi and kill everyone in your way

Follow the linear path through the cave

Kick and shoot your way through the eggs

That was a dead end, go back and destroy the other eggs

Run outside and wait for Ishi to fix the heli

After you crash follow Ishi and kill more people

Use your leash to move on

Kill all enemies in the area then follow Ishi

Open the door and see the new enemies, don't let them near you or else they put an explosvie belt on you

After you are done with the fighting you will get to this area to save Trishka, spoiler alert: she doesn't need any saving

Go around and follow her, kick the red ball to drop down the sign

Leash down the huge disco ball to continue