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Call Of Duty Walkthrough Mission #19 - Pavlov's House

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The mission will start off in the destroyed building from the previous mission, right after regrouping with Sgt. Pavlov and the rest of his team.

Follow Sgt. Pavlov through the trench outside the destroyed building and try to stay low in order to avoid getting hit by an enemy sniper from the building across the street.

Sgt. Pavlov is going to order a teammate to run across the field to distract the enemy snipers.

Use your sniper rifle to take out the enemy snipers in the building while your teammate is distracting them.

Once you've dealt with the enemy snipers, follow Sgt. Pavlov across the field before the enemy reinforcements arrive in the building.

Make your way inside the building without getting spotted by the enemy gunners firing their MG42's through the windows, and once you're inside you will have to take out all the enemy soldiers and clear out the six floors of the building.

After taking out all the enemy soldiers remaining inside the building, regroup with Sgt. Pavlov on the fourth floor.

Sgt. Pavlov will order you to use the anti-tank rifles located on the second and thrid floor of the building in order to take out the incoming enemy tanks.

Make sure to destroy the enemy tanks before they get too close to the building.

Once you've managed to destroy all the enemy tanks, you will have to take out the incoming enemy soldiers and defend the building until the friendly reinforcements arrive.

When the friendly reinforcements have arrived, head outside and regroup with them in front of the building.

The mission will come to an end after regrouping with the rest of the rest of the team in front of the building.