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Call Of Duty Walkthrough Mission #21 - Warsaw Railyard

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You will start the mission inside the last room you've entered at the end of the previous mission. Follow your teammates outside the room, in the facility's railyard.

Fight against the enemy soldiers in the facility's railyard and keep on making your way towards facility's outskirts so you can regroup with the 4th Army.

In order to reach the outskirts of the facility, you will have to fight your way through a hangar.

Shortly after taking out all the enemies outside the hangar, a tank will appear from inside. Replace one of your weapons with a Panzerfaust found on the ground in a crate.

Use the Panzerfaust to destroy the tank blocking the entrance inside the hangar.

After blowing up the tank, you will have to start approaching the hangar slowly and avoid getting shot down by the enemies inside the hangar.

Once you've made it closer to the hangar's entrance, start taking out the enemy troops located inside using your sniper rifle.

After heading inside the hangar, throw a few Stick Grenades to make sure all the enemy soldiers are dead and make your way to the facility's outskirts.

You are going to come across a few more enemy soldiers right after heading outside the hangar. Take them out and make your way to the friendly truck.

The mission will come to an end after successfully regrouping with the 4th Army at the facility's exit.