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Call Of Duty Walkthrough Mission #24 - Festung Recogne

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You will begin the mission in a forest, right next to a friendly bunker. Wait for Cpt. Foley to finish his speech and then move on.

Follow your teammates throught the forest and reach the enemy bunkers.

Once you've reached the enemy bunkers, head inside and take out the enemy soldiers.

After securing the first enemy bunker, you will have to retrieve the enemy documents found inside and make your way back to the surface.

Head to the second enemy bunker and secure that one as well.

Retrieve the documents found in one of the bunker rooms and head back outside the bunker.

Right after leaving the bunker, Cpt. Foley will order you to head back inside the bunker and grab a Panzerfaust.

Use the Panzerfaust to destroy the enemy tanks that are approaching your position.

The mission will come to an end after successfully destroying the enemy tanks.