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Call Of Duty Walkthrough Mission #15 - Stalingrad

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This is the first mission of the Soviet campaign. You will begin the mission in a boat full of Soviet soldiers, making its way to the shore.

Shortly after beginning the mission, the other friendly boats will get destroyed by the German artillery and bombers.

Once you've successfully made it on the shore in one piece, you will have to wait in line and acquire a weapon or some ammunition from one of the officers.

After acquiring some ammunition you will have to make your way past the field without getting killed by the MG42 gunners on the top of the hill and meet up with Sgt. Borodin.

After regrouping with Sgt. Borodin, you will have to follow his orders and make your way to the wrecked truck and draw the MG42 gunners' attention away from Borodin while he's using his sniper rifle to take them out.

Once you've made it to the truck without getting shot down by the gunners, you will have to do the same thing and make your way to the wrecked car on Sgt. Borodin's signal.

After making it to the wrecked car as well, you will have make your way to the ruined building and distract the enemy soldier inside while Sgt. Borodin takes him down.

Wait inside the ruined building until friendly artillery strike will be over and all the enemy gunners will be dead.

Once the strike's over, follow Sgt. Borodin and enter the city of Stalingrad.

The mission will come to an end once you've made it to the entrace inside the city of Stalingrad.