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Call Of Duty Walkthrough Mission #13 - Airfield Escape

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You will begin the mission in the same truck from the previous mission, on your way to the airfield.

Once you've finally made it to the airfield, you will have to distract the enemy soldiers while the rest of the team will steal a German plane. The enemy soldiers inside the trucks will be equipped with Panzerfausts, so try to take them out as fast as possible using your gun before they blow up your truck.

After catching up with the rest of the team, take out the remaining enemy forces that are approaching your position.

Once you've dealt with the remaining enemy soldiers, use the anti-aircraft gun to stop the incoming enemy planes.

In case you get hurt by the enemy planes or any enemy soldier remaining on the airfield, pick up the medikits behind the anti-aircraft gun.

After getting rid of all the enemy planes, you will be told not to shoot the large plane that is on the ground.

Get back in the truck and escape to the stolen German plane.

The mission will come to an end after reaching the plane.