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Call Of Duty Walkthrough Mission #9 - Pegasus Bridge

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You will start off the mission in an aircraft, which will crash on a field shortly after beginning the mission.

After landing on the filed, follow Cpt. Price to the enemy bunkers.

Eliminate all the enemy soldiers inside the bunkers and secure them.

After securing the bunkers, follow your teammates to the bridge.

Once you've made it on the bridge, start taking out the enemy troops across the bridge.

At some point, an enemy tank will make its appearance, make your way to Pvt. Mills, the engineer of the team and press 'F' to get his attention and make him follow you to the Flak gun that need to be repaired in order to use it on the enemy tank.

Once the Flak gun has been repaired by Pvt. Mills, use it to destroy the enemy tank across the bridge and head back to help your teammates deal with the remaining enemy soldiers.

After destroying the enemy tank, one last wave of enemies will start attacking you. Take cover as much as possible while fighting them.

The mission will come to an end after taking out the last wave of enemies.