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Call Of Duty Walkthrough Mission #8 - Dulag IIIA

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You will begin the mission in a forest, near the enemy military camp. Cpt. Foley will let you know you've got 10 minutes to rescue Major Gerald Ingram before the whole camp gets locked down.

Once you're done talking to Cpt. Foley, approach the camp entrance and use your sniper rifle to take out the enemy guards.

After taking out the enemy guards, Cpt. Foley will break through the barrier at the main entrance and provide you support fighting the enemy soldiers.

Fight your way through the camp and make your way to the cell block where Major Gerald Ingram is located.

Once you've rescued Ingram, you will have to escort him back to the truck and escape.

On your way back to the truck, you are going to come across a few enemies. Take them out and keep on moving.

The mission will come to an end after reaching the truck.