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Call Of Duty Walkthrough Mission #7 - Alps Chateau

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You will begin the mission at the bottom of a hill. Make your way to the chateau and break through the main gate.

Once you've made it past the main gate, take out the enemies in the courtyard and make your way inside the chateau.

After making your way inside the chateau, secure any enemy documents and plans that you might find inside.

Once you've secured all the documents and plans, fight your way to the secret communications room.

Destroy all the enemy radio equipment found inside the communications room.

After destroying the radio equipment, make your way down into the basement and secure the prisoners.

Once you've made it down into the basement, you are going to find Cpt. Price locked up in a cell.

After rescuing Cpt. Price, you will have to fight your way to the extraction point, outside the chateau.

The mission will come to an end after reaching the extraction point.