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Call Of Duty Walkthrough Mission #6 - Brecourt Manor

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You will begin the mission on a field, your first objective is to retrieve the enemy intelligence.

On your way to the enemy intelligence, you are going to come across a flak gun and some enemy soldiers, take them out and plant an explosive charge on the flak gun to destroy it.

After retrieving the documents from inside the enemy HQ, head outside and destroy the remaining artillery guns on the field.

As your make your way through the trences to locate and destroy the flak guns, you will come across enemy soldiers. Take them out as fast as possible and keep on destroying the flak guns.

After destroying all the flak guns on the field, head inside the village and fight your way to the big house marked on the mini-map.

Take out the enemy soldiers inside the house and search for the last document.

After retrieving the last document, make your way outside and destroy the last flak gun.

Once you've made it outside the house, take out the artillery team and plant an explosive charge on the last flak gun.

The mission will come to an end after destroying it.