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Call Of Duty Walkthrough Mission #2 - Pathfinder

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The mission will begin right after parachuting down from an airplane.on a field. The first thing you will have to do is, find Sgt. Heath by following the waypoint on your mini-map.

You are going to find Sgt. Heath dead, hanging from a tree. Pick up the bag with the equipment needed for setting up the radio beacon, next to his dead body.

After picking up Sgt. Heath's bag, head over on the field and set up the radio beacon.

Once you've set up the radio beacon, defend your teammates from the enemy soldiers as they parachute down from the airplane and follow them into the nearest town after landing on the field.

Fight your way through the town and meet up with Cpt. Foley at the end of the town.

The mission will come to an end after regrouping with Cpt. Foley.