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Call Of Duty Walkthrough Mission #1 - Camp Toccoa

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You will begin the mission on a training field. The first thing you will have to do is, look at each sign

Once you've looked at each sign, enter the obstacle course.

The obstacle course will be teaching you about the basics and the game controls.

After finishing the obstacle course, pick up both Carbines on the table and use them to shoot the target 12 times.

Once you've finished the Carbine training, replace it with a Springfield sniper rifle and shoot the target 4 times.

After finishing the Springfield training as well, pick up the Thompson submachine gun and shoot the target 10 more times.

Once you've finished the weapon training, you will have to pick up some grenades and throw them into each window from the ruined building.

After successfully finishing the grenade training, pick up the explosive charge on the table and plant it on the wall in order to blow it up.

Once you've blown up the wall, walk through the last gate to exit the training field and finish the mission.