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Call Of Duty Walkthrough Mission #10 - Pegasus Bridge-Day

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The mission will take place the next day after securing the bridge and the bunkers in the previous mission. You will have to hold the bridge until the Allied Forces arrive.

Shortly after beginning the mission, the enemy mortars will fire heavily at your current position. Follow your teammates and make your way on the other side of the bridge as fast as possible before getting hit by a mortar missile.

Once you've made it across the bridge, take out the incoming enemy soldiers and defend the West Bank of the river.

After taking out the first wave of enemies on the West Bank of the river, you will have to fall back to the machine gun and provide covering fire.

Use the MG42 to take out the reinforcements that have arrived on the West Bank. You will have to defend your position and survive for five minutes until the Allied Forces arrive.

Shortly after dealing with the enemy soldiers on the west bank of the river, tanks will start attacking. Take them out quickly before they destroy your Flak gun, leaving you with the Panzerfaust, which is less effective.

Once the Allied Forces arrived, you will have to debrief with Cpt. Price. The mission will come to an end shortly after.