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Call Of Duty Walkthrough Mission #11 - The Eder Dam

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You will begin the mission on a field near the dam.

You will have to make your way on the top of the dam and plant explosives on each AA Gun in order to destroy it.

As you make your way across the top of the dam, you will come across some enemy soldiers. Take them out using your sniper rifle before they get too close.

After destroying all the AA Guns on the top of the dam, make your way down to the generators.

On your way to the generators, you will have to fight against enemy soldiers in closed quarters. Use the MP-40 in order to take them out quickly.

Once you've reached the generators, plant the explosive charges on them and make your way outside; to the bottom of the dam.

After planting the explosives on each generator, you will have to destroy the last remaining AA guns and make your way back to the top of the dam and regroup with Cpt. Price.

Once you've regrouped with Cpt. Price, you will have to get in the back of the truck and escape.

Take out the remaining enemy soldiers on your way to escape from the dam.

The mission will come to an end after reaching the tunnel and successfully escaping from the dam.