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Call Of Duty Walkthrough Mission #14 - Battleship Tirpitz

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You will start the mission off on a boat on your way to the large battleship.

After making it to the German battleship, Cpt. Price will ask for permission to board on it.

After boarding on the battleship, you will have to follow Cpt. Price to the ship's armory.

Make your way downstairs into the ship's armory through the hangar.

There are going to be two officers guarding the armory entrance.

Cpt. Price will manage to take out both of them while they are checking his ID.

Head inside the supply room and grab a weapon and the explosives needed to be planted on the ship's boilers.

Start planting the explosive charges on each marked spot.

Once you've finished planting all the explosive charges, fight your way back to the surface.

Once you've made it back on the surface of the ship, you will have to fight against the remaining enemy soldiers and make your way to the tower with the Radar System inside and destroy it.

In order to destroy the anti-air radar electronics, you will have to fire a few shoots at it.

After making it to the top of the Radar Tower, retrieve the naval patrol logs and return back to Sgt. Waters' boat.

The mission will come to an end after boarding on Sgt. Waters' boat.