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Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare Walkthrough Mission 3 Blackout

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This mission starts with a lengthy cut scene. After the cut scene, move forward. Shoot the guards at the dock.

Keep following the path.

Go under the bridge and turn to the right.

Go to the shack.

Place claymore mines in front of the door to the shack.

Kill any remaining guards.

Keep following the path. Enter the second shack on the right.

Inside go to the left to a door.

Go out the door and in to the field.

After the conversation between Captain Price and Kamarov, turn to the right and head for the hill.

Go up the ramps to the top of the hill.

At the top of the hill go to the left.

Follow the path down the right side of the hill.

Your little squad will stop at a break in the fence.

Snipe any soldiers that you can see. They will come from all over the area.

When the area is cleared, turn to the left and start back down the road.

Enter the burning shack through the door.

When you are inside, go to the right.

Turn to the left and go through the hole in the wall.

Go through the door in the wall to the left.

Go out the door to the right.

Go to the shack and switch to your grenade launcher by hitting left on the D-pad.

Shoot the soldiers coming down the hill.

Once the way is clear, go to the right.

There will be a break in the fence, crouch at the hole and sniper the enemy soldiers below in the town.

Once the other squad is cleared, turn to the left and head back up the hill.

Enter the power station through the gate in the fence.

Go to the right and towards the back.

There will be a hole in the fence. Gaz and Kamarov will have a conversation.

After the conversation, rappel down from the power station.

Once at the bottom of the cliff, head to the left.

At the house snipe any soldier you can find.

Enter the house on the left side.

Shoot any soldier that comes out the door on the right in the back.

Go through the door in to the next room.

A soldier will come through the door. Also a soldier will be outside the window to the left.

Go through the door the enemy came out of.

Cross the room to the next door.

To the left of the door will be some enemy soldiers.

Go out the door and head left up the hill.

Go up to the door on the right.

Enter the door after Captain Price opens the door.

Go down the short hallway to the left.

Kill the guard standing next to the wall at the end of the hallway.

In the room where the guard was, turn to the right and head to the door.

There is a small hallway to the left in the next room. Kill the guard that is down that hall.

Climb the stairs.

Shoot the guard that is through the door to the left.

Turn left and there is a guard behind the table.

Head down the hall to the left.

To the right is a room with a guard in it.

Inside is Nikolai. He will get up and be handed a rifle.

Go back to the previous room. Go out the door next to the table the guard was hiding behind.

Go down the stairs.

Go forward and turn right at the corner of the house.

Turn right at the next corner of the house.

Go through the hole in the fence.

Run through the field to the helicopter.

At the helicopter, jump in the helicopter by pressing the X button.

This will bring Soap to the end of mission 3.