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Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare Walkthrough Mission 8 War Pig

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As soon as you control Jackson, you will be under attack.

As you clear the area War Pig will move up and protect the left flank.

War Pig will take the first road to the left. After it passes the arch it will stop and ask you to clear the area in front of it.

Once you clear the way a bit the tank will move forward.

Move towards the corner, the second door on left will have some soldiers.

In the back on the left is stairs up.

Go up stairs and at the top will be like a couple soldiers.

In the room to the right will be another soldier.

Back in the hall and down the hall to the right is another room with a soldier.

This should move the tank forward. Go back downstairs and outside.

Move down the street, the building on the left will have around ten soldiers to kill.

The building on the right will be about the same.

The second building on the right will have like fifteen soldiers.

Once the way is pretty clear, enter the building and go in to the room to the left.

Turn to the right and go through door.

Turn to the right again, and go through another door.

To the left is stairs up.

There may be some soldiers hiding up here. Kill them to move the troops forward.

Once the building is cleared you will get a message about flanking the enemy. So go back downstairs. Go to the left and out the door.

Go left to the corner of the building.

Around the corner to the left will be more soldiers.

Take out the two soldiers in the windows on the second floor to move a squad to the building.

Run to the door.

Go up the stairs on the right side.

At the top of the stairs turn to the left and follow the hall to the room to the right.

Inside will be a big hole in the wall.

Shoot the enemy soldiers outside the building.

An enemy tank will start to drive by, War Pig will shoot the tank through the building across the street.

Drop down to the street, and then turn right.

At the end of the street go through the gate in the wall.

Go down the passage on the right side of small courtyard.

This will lead to a big open area. A Seaknight helicopter will land for you squad to be extracted.

This will bring Jackson to the end of mission 8.