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Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare Walkthrough Mission 10 Safe House

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Move forward to the gas station.

Keep going past the gas station to its left.

Head to the right up the hill a bit.

Then you will go to the right back the way you came.

When you get to the house, soldiers will come from the church on your left.

More will come from the house.

Soap will get permission to call in air support. Press right on the D-Pad and target the house on the right.

Move away from the house as the Havoc clears it.

After the Havoc is done enter the house and search it for any remaining soldiers. When the house is clear go back down stairs.

At the bottom of the stairs, go left to the door.

Target the house across the street with the Havoc.

Once the Havoc is done, go inside the house and clear the rest of the soldiers out.

Now go to the side of the church. The house up the hill and to the left will be guarded, take cover next to the church and take out the enemy soldiers.

Target the building up the hill and call in the Havoc.

After the Havoc is done, enter the house and clear out any remaining soldiers.

From the room on the left on the second floor you can target the next house for the Havoc to attack.

Go back downstairs and outside. Once the Havoc is done enter the house and kill any remaining soldiers.

When the house is clear, head back outside to the road.

Follow the road up and around to the left.

Straight ahead is another house for the Havoc to help clear.

When the havoc is done, enter the building and clear out the remaining soldiers.

Go back outside, there is a gate on the right side of the house.

Go down in to the hay field and then to the left.

Soldiers will attack when you get near the first gate in the field.

Target the house on the right for the Havoc.

Enter the house. Kill any remaining soldiers.

Go back outside and to the house on the left.

Captain Price will open the door.

Inside is Al-Asad. Price will question him about the bomb. Then a cell phone will ring.

After the phone call Price will execute Al-Asad.

This will bring Soap to the end of mission 10.