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Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare Walkthrough Mission 13 Heat

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Move forward until you reach the cliff.

Go to the right down the street.

When the church is on your right, go on the ground in front of the church.

Look down the hill for the enemy soldiers.

The soldiers will swarm up the hill. Once you kill enough Price will order you to go to the minigun. Turn to your left.

Move to the street.

Cross the street and up the hill to the car.

At the top of the hill, turn to the left and run to the helicopter.

Enter the helicopter and press the Square button to use the minigun.

Hold the L1 button to spool the minigun. R1 fires the minigun. Turn to your left and soldiers will be coming from the path in front of the church.

After a wave of soldiers, two helicopters will approach.

A second wave of soldiers will come after the helicopters are downed.

Drop the minigun.

Turn around and move up the hill.

To the right will be the tavern. Go inside and up to the second floor.

In the windows will be the detonators. Walk up to one and hold the Square button to pick up the detonator.

Then press the R1 button to detonate the explosives. Do this 3 more times.

Go outside the tavern and go farther up the hill.

At the top of the hill go forward and to your right will be a break in the fence.

Go down the slope and in to the field.

When you are in the field, run to the fence.

Keep running to the second fence.

Once past the fence turn to the left and run in to the barn.

Grab the Javelin rocket launcher.

Go back outside the barn. Go straight towards the village.

Aim the javelin and target a tank.

There are two tanks in front of the farm and two to the right as you come out of the barn.

After the tanks are destroyed, go back in the barn and grab your gun.

Go back outside and take cover behind the fence to your left.

You will get a message that air support is available. Press down on the D-Pad and target the field in front of the farm.

After you call in the air support, You will get a message about there are too many Sam sites in the area. You have 4 minutes to reach the new LZ that is back where all the fighting started.

Run back to the tavern. Once at the tavern go to the right a bit and then forward towards the downed helicopter.

When you can, go left towards the car and then to the right towards the church.

Go down the path in front of the church.

Run down the hill towards the gas station.

Once at the gas station take cover behind whatever is closest.

Kill the enemy soldiers until the helicopter arrives to extract you.

Once the helicopter arrives, run in the back and you will turn around to watch the back as everyone else gets on the helicopter.

This will bring Soap to the end of mission 13.