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Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare Walkthrough Mission 16 All In

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Follow the road to the fence.

Enemy soldier will swarm through the fenced in area.

Make your way through the cargo containers.

You will come across a BMP.

Press the L2 button to toss a smoke grenade or two at the BMP.

Run up to the BMP and plant a C4 charge on the rear of the vehicle.

Run back to the cargo containers and hit the R1 button to blow up the BMP.

Go forward and then to the right.

When the truck to your right blows up, take cover behind anything close.

When you can, make a run for the building to the right.

Move forward through the building.

Run out the door to the left and then in to the alley to the right.

Go back out and move along the building to the right.

Run in to the alley after the building to the right.

Go back out to the street, and turn around. Take out any soldier on the roof.

SAS will run to the gate and set explosives on the gate.

Run through the gate when SAS blows the gate.

There will be two BMPS up ahead. One will be to the right and one will be to the left.

Just like last time through some smoke grenades and plant a C4 charge on the back of the BMP.

Get away to a safe distance and then blow the BMP up.

Then repeat the process for the other BMP.

After the second BMP is destroyed, head to the north east.

Your squad will cut the mesh covering the vent in the middle.

Once your squad has rappelled down the vent shaft, move to the glowing rope on the front of the vent.

Hold the Square button to rappel down.

This will bring Soap to the end of mission 16.