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Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare Walkthrough Mission 18 Game Over

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The first part of this mission is a rail shooter. All you have to do is shoot the men in the back of the trucks. A truck will pull up to your right side.

A second will pull after you kill the soldiers in the first.

Once you get in the tunnel the soldiers will have RPGs. Oh Joy.

After the third truck is down a hind shows up.

Hold the Square button to pick up the RPG when it tells you to.

Now aim the RPG at the hind and take it out.

After a bit a hind will take a bridge out in front of your truck.

Move forward and jump from section to section to get off the collapsing bridge.

At the end of the bridge a truck pulls up and drops off some soldiers.

Once those soldiers are cleared another few trucks show up with more soldiers.

All you do is kill the soldiers until the tanker explodes.

A cut scene will begin when the tanker blows. After the scene Price will slide you a gun.

You must shoot the three men in front of you without aiming.

One of the men is Zakhaev. This will bring Soap to the end of mission 18 and the end of the game.