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Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare Walkthrough Mission 15 Ultimatum

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Turn to you right and follow the road.

A truck full of enemy soldiers will drive up to your squad.

Continue following the road. When you near the house, a squad of soldiers will attack.

Follow the road to the side door to the house.

Turn your night vision goggles on by pressing up on the D-Pad.

Enter the house through the door.

Turn to the left and wait at the bottom of the stairs for the clear signal.

Climb the stairs and go through the door to the right.

Go through the arch to the next room.

In the room turn to the right and move forward to the stairs.

Climb the stairs. Turn around at the top of the stairs.

Straight ahead is a guard in a chair. Either shoot him or use your knife to kill him.

To the left of the guard in the chair is another guard.

Move back to the hallway, two guards will come out of the door by the stairs.

There will be another guard in the hallway to the right.

After all the guards are dead you will get a message that Griggs is not in this house. Go back down stairs.

At the bottom of the stairs, turn to the left and move forward to the door.

Walk out the door and turn to your right.

Switch to your silenced gun and shoot the guard.

To the right around the corner will be another guard.

The squad will come out and go to the house on the right.

Go inside the house when Price opens the door.

Go to the right and straight for the stairs up.

At the top of the stairs turn around and go near the door.

The squad will breach the door and kill the soldiers inside.

Enter the room and walk up to Griggs.

Hold the Square button to cut Griggs loose.

Go back down stairs and then outside.

Once outside, turn to the right.

Move forward to the fence.

After the fence, turn to the right.

Move towards the gate in the fence.

Lay prone when the squad does.

After the helicopter passes, stand up and run in to the fenced area.

Turn to the left and run to the tower.

Plant C4 on the tower legs by going near the glowing yellow C4 charges and holding the Square button. You need to plant 2 charges. You have 2 minutes.

Run from the tower. When you get to a safe distance, blow the tower.

Walk towards the way the tower fell to a fence.

Turn around and follow the squad to a section of the fence.

Gaz will cut the fence.

Go through the hole Gaz cut in the fence.

Follow the road to a wall.

Jump over the wall where it is broken.

Go to the right.

Follow this alley to a door to the left.

Enemy soldiers will attack you.

On the building to the left will be some soldiers with RPGs.

A helicopter will show up and drop off enemy soldiers.

Once the way is clear, move forward.

After the tank will be a door to the left.

Cross the room to the door.

Enemy soldier will come from the left.

A helicopter will show up and drop of soldiers again.

When the way is clear, head to the building that is in front of you and to the left.

Go through the building to a door.

Turn to the right and more soldiers attack.

As you clear the soldiers move to the building on the right.

Trucks will pull up with more soldiers.

Go down the road behind the trucks when the way is clear.

In the middle of the S turn you will meet up with a U.S. sniper team.

Two nuclear missiles will be launched.

Follow the road to the gate.

This will bring Soap to the end of mission 15.