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Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare Walkthrough Mission 9 Shock and Awe

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For most of this mission Jackson is manning a gun turret on the Seaknight. After you fly over the allied tank column, shoot anything you come across.

After the overpass to your left will be an Anti-Aircraft nest.

As the helicopter goes to the left two tanks and several soldiers will come in to view.

On the building to the left, is another AA nest.

A bit down the road will be a tank and howitzer.

As the helicopter turns there will be a tank heading the way you just came.

There is also a tank down the street to the right.

The helicopter will head back the way you came and then land. As the helicopter is landing there will be a tank between the two you killed earlier.

Some of the soldiers in your helicopter will disembark. The helicopter will be sent to help a recon team. As you fly over the hill the green smoke is the recon team.

The copter will fly to the left and a couple soldiers on roofs will have RPGs.

On the street like four soldiers will run by.

The copter will land and you will jump out.

Outside the copter take either gate in the wall to the left.

Turn to the right once on the street.

Move down the street, killing the soldiers as you go.

At the end of the street, go to the left.

At the end of this street is a building on the right.

There will be some soldiers just inside the door and in the room to the left.

Move forward and in the back on the left is stairs up.

At the top of the stairs is the recon team. Once you regroup with the recon team jump out the window.

Once on the ground the enemy will swarm form the buildings in front of you.

Once the enemy soldiers are dead, move forward.

Turn to the right and head for the gate in the wall.

Move through this courtyard and to the gate in the next wall.

Run in to the helicopter. You will be ordered to take the gun turret again.

After your Cobra escort is shot down, your copter will circle the area. Enemy soldiers will start swarming the downed Cobra.

Your copter will land nearby and you will jump out of the Seaknight.

Move forward down the street.

A couple of enemy soldiers will come out of the buildings on either side of the street.

Run to the Cobra and hold the Square button the rescue the pilot.

Run back to the Seaknight helicopter.

The Seaknight will take off. As you retreat the nuke will explode.

The Seaknight helicopter will be knocked to the ground by the explosion. The screen will look a little skewered.

Start crawling forward.

Near the end of the copter you can stand up.

Once outside the copter, stand all the way up. Then walk straight ahead until you drop.

This will bring Jackson to the end of mission 9 and his life.